Our Mission: Focusing on the military and their local communities, our passion is to Educate, Empower, and Advocate for Real Estate ownership.


Our Vision: We exist to guide the military and their local communities to achieve financial freedom through Real Estate.


Our Core Values:

Growth - We strive for continual improvement
Enthusiasm - We show up with energy and charisma that inspires
Proactivity - We work hard, ahead of the curve
Team - We are selfless and other oriented
Innovation - Everyday, we pursue new cutting-edge solutions


How does Red Dot "educate, empower, and advocate"?

1. Everyone else wants what’s best for them. We ensure you’re getting what’s best for you.

2. Lenders, Appraisers, Contractors, etc. can complicate a transaction. We navigate those relationships so you don’t have to.

3. We make knowledge available and simple. We help teach you Investor strategies, negotiation tactics, statistical analysis, and much more.

4. With a vision of financial freedom, we empower you to think and act on a different level.

5. We build strategic relationships to get you benefits that no one else can give you. Perks like a free moving truck, extra warrantees, and extra discounts from the companies we are aligned with. 


Operation: Red Dot hires Veterans, and direct dependants of veterans (meaning spouses and children). We believe the military has a large impact on our company's culture, drive, and strategic approach to business. We served this country honorably; now we'd be honored to serve you.


Meet the Team:



James Marszalek, Owner (Commander)

I'm a combat veteran turned passionate entreprenuer; I served 7 years as a Long Range Recon Specialist, and deployed to the sandy deserts of Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. My experiences in combat, and the ideologies that comes from military service shaped a lot of who I am today, and are the foundation for the company. Trained by the US Army in Combat Tactics, Preparation, Accountability, and Psychological Operations. I believe in "lean" mindsets, muscle memory, 90% Preparation and 10% Execution, Adapt - Improvise - Overcome, empathy, freedom, and transparent honesty. I want to put good into the world. To give, without an expectation of anything in return. Aside from the military and business, I have experience as an IT professional, a home re-modeler, a commercial truck driver, strategic planning, and a real estate investor.  
I moved to Washington in 1990 from St, Paul, MN, where I was born. Since then, I've lived in Tacoma, University Place, Kent, Renton, Spokane, Willston ND, and Fairbanks AK. I've traveled all over the US, and the world; however, I will always call the Pacific Northwest home. I truly love the outdoors, and Washington offers a plethora of great camping, hiking, and exploring. The other side of Washington that I love is the food. From food truck festivals to such a vast selection of unique and amazing restaurants, Washington has something to satisfy every craving. 
I'm also an avid motorcycle rider. Anyone who shares that passion knows how fantastic exploring Washington becomes on 2 wheels. Looking to mix my passion of motorcycles with helping fellow veterans, I joined the Brothers in Arms Motorcycle Club, who's sole mission is to support veterans in need, and reestablish brotherhood often lost when you leave the Active Duty world. As a vet who has been in need in the past, I take helping vets very seriously. It kills me to see my brothers and sisters in pain. When our failing VA care system lets veterans fall through the cracks, we lose heros. To make my impact on this issue, I donate 5% of all commissions to projects that support vets who need a hand. Donated funds are deployed directly to veterans for Emergency services, PTSD retreats, Active Duty deployment care packages, scholarships, and hopefully soon veteran business incubation!  





Tim Jennings (Real Estate Broker)

My name is Tim Jennings. I’m a military Veteran, having served with the 82nd Airborne in Europe, and training with various Airborne Units from NATO countries, and deploying from Ft. Bragg during “Operation Just Cause” in Panama. I served across Asia as well. After leaving the military, I spent 26 years in Property Management and Construction around the Puget Sound. Now I focus on connecting with other veterans and working to accomplish their housing goals. Helping veterans is a passion of mine. These aren’t just clients; they are brothers and sisters. I strive to creatively tackle challenges, and offer unique and actionable solutions for those I interact with.


Jacob Cast ( Real Estate Broker)

In 2019, I honorably separated from 8 years of active duty Navy service, where I served 5 years on the USS Nimitz as a Gunnersmate and the last 3 years as a small arms instructor at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. When I’m not tackling real estate investments and education, I’m shredding the mountains on my snowboard, improving my golf game, or exploring the open road on my motorcycle.




Barb Wakefield (Admin Assistant, Lieutenant)

As a Washingtonian native, I have been in the Puget Sound area the majority of my life. I have owned and managed residential properties, multi-family properties, as well as Mobile Home Parks for over 18 years, doing the oversight of day to day and long-range planning for acquisition and management of residential housing and mobile home park communities. This has allowed me to entertain and resolve a very wide array of issues relating to housing law, tenant relations, marketing and management of the business. On occasion have acquired a property to “flip”, doing the necessary repairs and improvements.

I have a passion for the outdoors and nature. I love to hike, kayak, and snow ski. I am drawn to the natural beauty of our state. I experiment with photography with a focus mainly on the beauty of nature, capturing mostly flora, fauna, textures of the earth and landscapes.

I am a proud parent of three grown children and have a few grandchildren that hang the moon for me. I am lucky to have them all still living in our beautiful state and enjoy the times when we are all together.

Joining the team here at Operation Red Dot, as Administrative Assistant, has been an honor. I take pride in supporting this team of honorable men and women, serving the 4 counties of King, Pierce, Kitsap and Thurston. We are a growing team with synergy and momentum who enjoy collaborating to serve Sellers, Buyers, Renters, Investors, and Builders.