Our Team Philosophy:


"If we stand together as ONE, we will take this world by storm!"

It’s not about where the "bus" is going, it’s about WHO is on the bus. We seek highly self motivated individuals who can adopt our core values, and contribute to the mission. 


Our Core Values:

Growth - We strive for continual improvement
Enthusiasm - We show up with energy and charisma that inspires
Proactivity - We work hard, ahead of the curve
Team - We are selfless and other oriented
Innovation - Everyday, we pursue new cutting-edge solutions



But, this isn't just about us... what’s in it for you? Why work for Operation: Red Dot? 

- Opportunity for advancement. We grow leaders from within. 
- Work in a variety of locations. 
- Work in a variety of positions. 
- Exclusive training. 
- Give back to your communities. 
- We don't just clock in and out of a job, we contribute to a mission. 
- Contribute ideas and take ownership of creative projects in Research & Development. 
- Lead Generation Distribution
- Join an Ecosystem



Recruitment Process:

Submit inquiries, resume's, and interview requests to HQ@OperationRedDot.com


Job Opportunities:

- Media Production Interns (Videographers, video editors)
- Social Media Management Interns (Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked-In, Facebook, Youtube)



Any agent inquiries can be directed to the Managing Broker at James@OperationRedDot.com