As a new investor, the biggest struggle you face is you don't know what you don't know. That's a very hard place to be! Successful investors immerse themselves in the tools, strategies, and resources used to be successful in any market.

Sometimes all you need is a spark, or a network to join. We've got both! 

We own The Washington Real Estate Investor's club. This free club meets twice a month at The RAM in Puyallup. We have special guests, and dive into a new topic every week. If Puyallup is too far, you can always join the Facebook group to get in on the action. Click the link below to join!

Or reach out through Bigger Pockets!

We have built a relationship with several investor friendly vendors that you are going to want on your team. Here are some that you will no doubt want to chat with and put in your investor toolbox!

- Kolodij Tax & Consulting
Natalie Kolodij (Real Estate Tax Strategist)

- First Am Puyallup (Investor Title & Escrow)
Kim Schildt - Account Manager

- Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions (Portfolio Lender)
Sophy Math - Account Executive

- Veterans Lenders Group (VA Loan Investor Specialist)
Mike Villano - Senior Loan Officer

- CMG Mortgage (All in One Loan)
Becky Crocker - Loan Officer

- EastSide Funding (Hard Money)
Sarah Lodahl

The list doesn't stop here, but we can't list them all! If you need a referral to an Investor Vendor, please shoot us a message! 

We are more than just real estate services. Everyone on our team are active investors.

     - We all flip homes 
     - We all wholesale houses 
     - We all acquire rental properties 
     - We all pursue Financial Independance through Real Estate

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. All of the strategies we pitch to you are strategies that we impliment in our own portfolios and daily operations. 

One of the most important things in any vendor you have in your network is how well they understand your specific needs and wants as an investor. Not only can we help you build a strategic plan to discover your own financial independance, but we can help you get there. We help dozens of investors at all levels acquire properties, then sell them quickly for top dollar when they are ready for the market.

Whether you are a brand new investor or you've had several years worth of experience, building a strategic plan to take action is critical. This company specializes in positioning yourself to take action. Let's put all of the cards on the table, and build a plan to position yourself to move you forward. Feel free to request a free consultation!