Located in South Pierce County and bordered by the towns of Roy and Eatonville, 30 miles south of Tacoma, the settlement of Ohop, is currently petitioning for recognition as a township. The area had been owned by the Klickitat Native American tribe and they would come to share it with settlers starting in the mid-1880s. The two groups generally co-existed, and there were many instances where the natives helped the settlers establish farms and shared their own food. The town of Ohop grew rapidly, owing to the lucrative logging business and the tourism from the excellent view of Mount Rainier. A thriving logging trade still exists and the valley is still inhabited, however the settlement is only sparsely populated. 




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Eatonville School District has 1 high school, 1 Middle School, 2 elementary Schools

Deep Forest Challenge

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History of Ohop Valley

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Mt Rainier Railroad and Logging Museum

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